Subject: Aesthetics in Public Spaces

The often discussed topic of degradation of the public space in Polish cities (party initiated by Filip Springer’s book Bathtub With a Colonnade) resulted in introductions of concrete proposals, in those cities, that seek to reintroduce aesthetic and visually coherent spaces. The lack of city planning policies caused many of the important architectural elements of the cities to disappear behind, often illegal and unregulated, billboards. The proposal for a new legislation regarding the Cultural Park in Stare Miasto in Wroclaw gives a hope for reclaiming that destroyed space. In December 2013 an information point has been set up for the residents of Wroclaw and in April 2014 a voting concerning the legislation in question will take place.


Roland Zarzycki- journalist and social activist


Kamila Kaminska- head of LOCUS- a centre for balanced social development

Aleksandra Stepnien- board director of Miasto Moje A W Nim society

Beata Urbanowicz- urban artist

Debate: 27.03.2014 | 19:30 Nowe Horyzonty Cinema | after screening of This Available Space


Marta Żakowska– editor-in-chief of “Miasta” (Cities) magazine, Public Space Institute


Katarzyna Kajdanek– sociologist, author of Suburbanizacja po polsku (Suburbanisation in Polish)

Wojciech Kębłowski– graduate from international urban studies „4cities”, phD from Université Libré de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Lech Mergler– co founder of My Poznaniacy society and Prawo do Miasta (City Right) society, co organiser of City Activist Congress

Sebastian Wolszczak – head of the City Hall revitalisation project in Wroclaw

debate: 30.03.2014 | 17:30, Nowe Horyzonty Cinema| after screening of „Zurbanizowani”