Shopping centres, which number constantly grows all over the world, are no longer simply spaces of trade but more often try to also promote art and culture. Wroclaw is in the front ranks of Polish cities, when it comes to the amount of shopping centre space per city resident- here for every 1000 people, there is 641 square meter of shopping centre space. At the same time, the plans for rebuilding the main bus station include a space for another department store. How does this approach affect the shaping and the reception of the city space? Does the growth of shopping centre spaces means that the public space become limited, or is it just a new, different type of public space?



Subject: Trade in the City


Michał Syska – journalist, head of Ferdinand Lassalle Centre of Social Thought (Osrodek Mysli Spolecznej)


Michał Dębek– urban planner i psychologist, architecture lecturer in Wroclaw University of Technology and in Wroclaw School of Banking.

Przemysław Filar – president of the Society for Beautifying Wroclaw (Towarzystwo Upiekszania Miasta Wroclawia)

Zbigniew Maćków – architect, European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 architecture curator

debate: 28.03.2014 | 19:20, Nowe Horyzonty Cinema | after screening of „Malls R Us”